Another letter to Marc Hodges

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Dear Mr. Marc Hodges

I noticed that at some point yesterday you updated your registration of, which is all well and good considering you’re owned the domain since February 28th, 2002. And considering WHOIS tells me that you have the same name as me, it’s perfectly understandable why you’d own it. What I don’t understand is that after almost five years of owning it you haven’t put up a single page of content.

I have tried to email you on two separate occasions (28.12.06 and 18.01.07) in an effort to open a dialogue about the possibility of purchasing the domain from you, but you have not responded in either case. So I’m writing this open letter to ask you a two part question:

  • Are you willing to sell the domain ( to a fellow Marc Hodges?
  • If so, what is your asking price?

As you can see, my questions are totally reasonable and I am only looking to get an answer from you either way. I would feel better if you emailed me and told me that you didn’t want to sell it, which would put proper closure on the whole issue.

You may ask why I would like to buy it, well, I am looking to start an online portfolio site for my photography habit so that I may showcase my better photos as there has been some interest in my photos and I will be looking into the possibility of doing some commissioned work in the future. As you can see, I already have a presence on the internet with sevennine and at the time of this posting I’m the top result if you Google our name.

So I ask you to email me (you can use the contact form on my “about” page) and tell me your answer either way as I would like to put this matter to rest and not leave it unanswered.


Marc Hodges

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